La Jolla, CA

Yesterday was an okay day. 🙂 Me and Juan went down to La Jolla Cove with my friend from the boat. Torrey is a Navy photographer and said he would do my Christmas pictures for free. YAY! After only 30-45 minutes this was the end result. Love it!

Friday we went to an ugly Christmas sweater party. It was okay. It was fun seeing the creative ones, but it wasn’t that great.

We also went to the zoo on Saturday. So fun! I love just walking around, it’s so big I don’t think we have ever seen the whole thing. We both get in free (with my Military ID and his membership) so it’s a nice way to get away. 🙂

Okay so this turned lame really quick. I’ll have to come back and share my excitement. 🙂

Hello world!

This isn’t my first attempt at blogging but it may be the first time I attempt to keep up with it for more than a month. 🙂

Well a little about me and my little “family.” I’m 23, my husband is 25 and we’ve been married for 2 years. March will mark our 7th year together. He is currently working as an Assistant Manager at Regal theatres and I am an Electronics Technician in the Navy. We are living in San Diego and love it. Beautiful weather and gorgeous views, truly a blessing for us. We’re both from Texas City, TX and went to TCHS. Neither of us were “popular” but loved HS nonetheless. I’ll post how we met and later married on another day. 🙂

We have one fur-baby, our puppy Bubba. He’s 3 and so perfect for us. Hyper when we are, lazy when we are. We found him in the newspaper and drove 3 1/2 hours to get him. He’s pretty skiddish at times but he’s such a good dog. Although he is so great, we want to add to our family.

September marked our 3rd year trying for #1. It’s been a crazy ride so far. We haven’t had the means to actually make appointments with an infertility specialist. Now we are on a 6 month wait list for the only IS in the military hospital system of San Diego. We both feel like we are ready even with our crazy life. We have discussed adoption, but we want to exhaust all options first.

A lot of people like to tell us “it will happen” “in good time” “don’t try so hard!” and various other tidbits that are meant well.  I know they mean well. Sometimes it only makes it harder. I don’t need to hear about your friend who tried for 8 years until she got her baby. I don’t want to try for that long, I want a baby now! 🙂 Gah, ok, that’s for another blog.

Right now I’m at work waiting to be released for the weekend so TGIF! More to come. 🙂