I was shaking all morning. I’m still a little shocked…

I’m talking about the BFP I got this morning! I know, I’m floored! All I know is I had a whim. I was going to wait until tomorrow to test. But when I woke up this morning, the mess that was falling out of the closet had a pregnancy test poking out of it… Well I got these in bulk a long time ago and this one was definitely expired by a month. I tried it anyway. I took one of my little paper cups and did my business. I dipped it in and as soon as I laid it down, both lines appeared right away!


Since it was so fast, I walked out of the bathroom and checked the website for the strips to be sure 2 lines was a positive. (Yea I know, silly me!) As soon as I saw that, I went back in and it was DAAARRRKKK! I snatched it up and went upstairs. I woke up Juan and showed it to him. I was SHAKING! He hugged me and we cried just a little bit 🙂 Then I told him that it was expired so I’d need a new one. He jumped out of bed and went to get a new one. I had to do some pee pee dancing and drink a bunch of water but I eventually had enough to dip the new one in. Same thing, I laid it down and it was an immediate positive! After 3 minutes, definitely a dark positive!

I’m so excited! Our little bean’s EDD is October 13, 2010! Birthday present for me!

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