Middle of the night…

OMG I think I’m in love. So, I have been fighting with myself about diapering. I know, as does everyone else, that I’m lazy. I know that I want to do cloth diapering because of it’s good points. Less or no diaper rash, good for the environment BUT, it would be really hard for me to keep up with the laundry for washing diapers. So I was just about to retreat into conformity when I found *fanfare* gDiapers! They’re this hybrid diaper that you can FLUSH! The outer shell is cloth with a vinyl liner, then the insert is flushable! But even if you do throw it in the trash, it’s fully biodegradable and won’t sit in the landfill for 500 years! YAY. It’s still a little more work than disposables, but in my opinion, worth it to leave some semblance of a world for my great grandchildren. 🙂 Check out the video!

So yea, I’m pretty stoked since these don’t cost much more than regular diapers. A 40 pack is $15 at BRU, but I’m sure I can find them cheaper elsewhere (ONLINE)

OH and best part? If I feel so inclined, I can always switch to the cloth inserts. But everything is cheap enough that I can do a test run and not feel guilty about spending the money! And even better, you know those cheapy prefold diapers you see in the store? Those fit in the gDiaper pants just fine. 🙂

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  1. lifewithscottzachary
    Feb 15, 2010 @ 04:28:48

    I cloth diaper. Just an FYI, the gdiapers are not very large and Scott had blowouts and leaking with them. I personally did not like using them at all. I found their smalls to be too small and their next size not big enough. I do have 2 covers if you would want them I can mail them to you. I have found that the BG3.0 are my favorites, but the ultimate is plain old prefolds with covers. The laundry is really 1 load every other day (and I am not making it up!) It is not much extra work…and for all of the outfits the g’s leaked on to it ended up being the same. If you ever want cloth talk, let me know! I have been successfully doing it for almost 8 months!


    • jmoran818
      Feb 16, 2010 @ 22:33:39

      That doesn’t sound like much laundry. But don’t you have to run it through twice?


      • lifewithscottzachary
        Feb 17, 2010 @ 04:59:15

        Yeah, but that isn’t any more work that turning a knob. I do two cycles (cold then hot) and then an extra hot rinse and toss in the dryer. In the summer I line dry because the sun takes care of stains. And you use 1/4 of the laundry soap that you would normally use (3/4 less) so I have had the same bottle of soap since before Scott was born. Let me know if you want those gDipe covers. I can mail them to you so you can see what they look like. Some people love them, I found them small and impractical.

        Side note, I can smell the pee in disposables, but in cloth the odor is not like that. And they smell way less since you flush the poop so it doesn’t sit around in a pail. ICK! 🙂

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