Well yesterday was hard. It should have been my 8 week mark and I would have had an appointment soon for an ultrasound. Oh man. But I have to force myself to move forward. Even when it’s hard. I’m always going to remember the initial excitement of being pregnant, but the naivety and innocence is gone. I will always be scared to lose the next ones. But good news is today I got a negative pregnancy test! YAY!

In case you’ve never experienced a miscarriage, your hcg hormone stays in your system after a pregnancy for a short while as it’s breaking down. So I’ve been taking pregnancy tests (dollar tree or are the cheapies) every few days and have been getting faint, FAINT positives. Well, progressively fainter. Then this morning, negative! Which is a good sign, it means that my miscarriage is complete. I have to make an appointment with OB/Gyn, they’ll run the blood work to make sure my numbers go to zero. HPT’s only measure a pregnancy level of hcg, most measure 50 mcg or more (even first response), the early ones I have (from that website) measure from 20. Since pregnancy level is 15, I’m probably good. đŸ™‚

Well, the appointment people have to call me back for an appointment now. I’m hoping it’s in the next couple of days, but if it’s not, I’ll go to the branch clinic to get my bloodwork. Not exactly the appointments I was looking forward to at this time. Ah well…

So I am ready to get new orders! I have been released from my old orders and will get new ones “later” they said to check back in the morning, but I probably won’t get anything until next week when the new reqs come out. Fingers crossed for a small-boy!

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