Business of Being Born

If you haven’t seen this documentary yet, and you are or will ever become pregnant, you should. It’s a huge eye opener. Raise your hand if this sounds like you:

  • Head to the hospital with contractions.
  • You get an epidural (for whatever reason)
  • The doctor says you’re not progressing, time for some intervention. Pitocin anyone?
  • Well the Pit is working, but it’s making contractions that are too strong for your body, time for more epidural
  • You’ve slowed down again, time for more pit.
  • Well, now you’re having strong contractions, but you can’t feel them. Guess who can? That’s right, the baby. Every contraction is compressing her and her heart rate is dropping.
  • After a few more interventions to rescue your lil one, nothing is bringing her out. It’s time for an emergency C-Section. Hurray! The doctor is the knight in shining armor. (wait…)

From talking to my friends, I know that a lot of people end up this way. The doctors play the “it’s best for the baby” card and of course you take the expert advice. What kind of mother would you be if you allowed yourself to get an infection after 24 hours (another fallacy) What kind of mom would labor for hours on end when the doc is telling you it’s damaging? The kind of mom who hasn’t been given all the facts. Hospitals are supposed to disclose every procedure and they don’t. So you go to a hospital with a plan, and they throw it out the window. It’s crazy.

Induction, well when people get induced it’s for various reasons. If it’s your decision, that’s your prerogative. BUT doctor’s who induce because you’re “overdue” should be giving you all the facts. Truth of the matter is pregnancy is not an exact science. They tell you how far along you are based on this dated pregnancy wheel. They go off of your last menstrual period and that’s not always the best indicator. If you have a perfect 28 day cycle and you are absolutely SURE you had a normal period, then yes, this wheel is accurate. But no woman is perfect. I know my cycle is never just 28 days. It’s 29 then 25 then 32 then 27 etc. That wheel said that I was 4 weeks when I knew what my ovulation date was. My O date put me at 5 weeks. So basically for me (with a shorter cycle than most) I would have probably had a baby a week before they thought I would. Same goes for girls with longer cycles. They’re inducing women who are “a week late” when really she could very well be on schedule.

I’m not saying there aren’t women who develop complications. Maybe if we as women can step back, trust our bodies, and get all the facts we can be freed from the BS that doctor’s feed us. Did you know we have the highest maternal death rate in the developed world? Did you know that in the developed world we also stand alone when it comes to using an obstetrician?  An Obstetrician is a SURGEON and a PATHOLOGIST. So most have never seen a normal birth. By normal I mean no interventions. Doctors aren’t supposed to be delivering babies. Period. They’re supposed to be there for the small percentage of women who develop complications. Everywhere else in the world nurse midwives do births. Doctors see pathology when there isn’t any, case in point, I was watching the documentary and one doctor was naming reasons not to use a midwife. Every reason had to do with what COULD go wrong. Things could go wrong with everything. But guess what’s the most risky? Major surgery. Oh yea, c-sections are MAJOR surgery that can cause more harm than good.

Get the facts ladies. I’m not saying go totally granola, but make sure you’re making informed decisions about yourself. No one cares about you more than you. 🙂

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  1. rachel
    Mar 08, 2010 @ 18:54:33

    This was a great video! We watched it before we even thought about the home birth! I think thats what helped make me not be so scared. That and reading Ina Mays guide to child birth. I read it for all the “natural” info. I love that you are doing your research. So many women are like puppets and just do what their dr tells them!


  2. Sandra
    Mar 08, 2010 @ 20:58:18

    I had induced labor not because I was overdue but because my blood pressure was rising and to prevent from going into Toxemia and hurting both myself and my baby girl. As for epidural … it’s not for everyone but I opted for it. I have a pretty high pain tolerance but …. 🙂 If you can handle it … all kudos to you. 🙂


  3. Sandra
    Mar 08, 2010 @ 21:00:27

    BTW … after Brittany was born the nurse midwife let me see my placenta and she showed the spots where it was showing where it was getting old.


    • Jasmine
      Mar 10, 2010 @ 11:48:39

      There are times when induction is needed. I just don’t like the ones that are just “sick of being pregnant.” These procedures are in place for a reason and if someone needs it, go for it. Toxemia is a pretty good reason. But if someone is just too uncomfortable but there is no medical reason, that is just an unnecessary risk. Did you know we rank 2nd among infant deaths? That’s horrible! Women who are being induced for no good reason run the risk of losing their baby for what? Comfort? Unacceptable. Like I said, if someone is willing to take that risk, that’s their prerogative. I still don’t agree with it, but it’s their decision. But women need to get all the facts! Induction for being “late” with an otherwise healthy baby or for being uncomfortable is just silly.


      • whitney
        Mar 12, 2010 @ 05:20:25

        I was induced, Coralynn failed an ultrasound and she wasn’t moving anymore. I think my experience would have been different if i wasn’t induced. I think coralynn was fine, but why take that chance that something is wrong. I didn’t want to be induced I didn’t want an epidural. But I was and i had one. The pain was unbearable. I couldn’t take it anymore. Coralynn did amazing during labor. Not once did her heartbeat drop. She never once was in a stressful situation. I was the one who could have died though. I had alot of bleeding from a postpartum hemorrhage. My cervix tore. I ended up passing out. I wish I could have had her natural. But I understood that she wasn’t doing the movements she needed to be doing.

        If you are overdue there are alot of problems that can occur. There is a higher chance of the cord wrapping. Just alot of problems that happen. There is a certain point where its not safe for the mother or baby.

        I think until you have been put in the situation of being induced, you can’t relate nor judge someone for the choices they made.

      • Jasmine
        Mar 12, 2010 @ 09:11:04

        Again though, you are different. Not many women knew exactly when they got pregnant. You knew exactly when it happened. You were induced for a medical reason. I don’t judge, unless it’s purely for comfort. I think it’s an unnecessary risk to get induced for no reason. That procedure is obviously in place for a reason. I personally could not get induced if there are no complications. But if my baby stopped moving and waiting any longer puts me or my baby at risk, that’s when the benefits outweigh the risks. That’s when it’s time to consider interventions.

        As I said, doctors strike fear into pregnant women’s hearts and unfortunately they don’t always have all the information. So all the complications that could happen, COULD happen, but not everyone is going to have the scary pregnancy and birth they like to show us. A very long time ago, hospitals and doctors started to convince women that they didn’t know how to handle their own birth. So now, we have generation after generation of women who are terrified of all the things that COULD go wrong. No one is to blame except these doctors. They “think” they’re offering a women options and all the facts but all we’re hearing is the expert telling us what we need to do.

        If it’s actually medically necessary, like toxemia or no movement, that’s what it’s there for! It’s there to get babies out if they need to be out.

  4. rachel
    Mar 13, 2010 @ 19:42:28

    Jasmine you are totally right about doctors scaring you into thinking something is or could go wrong. I would have been intervention after intervention if I would have given birth at the hospital!! It seems almost everyone I talk to had some “urgent situation” and I just dont believe that many women had problems! Drs dont allow you to trust your body!! I know some women do have “complications”, but if you were getting the right care then most things are easily fixable, still without intervention!
    As far as epidural… I probably would have gotten one if I was in the hospital. My situation was perfect bc i was free to labor anyway I wanted in the privacy of my own home. It would have really hurt if i was laying on my back with strangers coming in and out to monitor me.
    I applaud you for your great review of this movie! More women need to trust their bodies and do their research!!! Dont just go with what mainstream america says!!!


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