1 year


Today marks 1 year since we lost you. Everyday I think about you. I never thought that I would. I never knew how much you meant to me until you were gone. You were always there for my little sister. No matter which friends came and went, you two were always the constant. You are one of the only girls I have seen blossom from a little girl with mousy features to the beautiful young woman you became.

You left such a mark on the community, I don’t think you knew how loved you were! I miss you. You were like another sister to me. Always making fun of me as much (or more than) Priscilla. You two always made fun of the clothes I wore or how I did my hair. LOL, but ya’ll always made sure to fix it. I was always ok with you making fun of me because we always picked on you. You were so cute when you didn’t understand something, which was often. You’re funny ditzy ways still make me laugh, everytime  I think about it.

I just remembered the other day about when Nick brought home those 2 puppies. I named one Harley and the other Davidson. But after you and Davidson spent all day sitting on the couch and not doing much, we renamed him Sam. Do you remember? We gave him away because 2 puppies was too much, but I thought that was funny.

It seems like now, I meet someone new named Sam all the time. It’s so crazy. Not that I could ever forget you, but it’s always a constant reminder. You’ve changed the way I do things. I was always against people drinking and driving, but I was always the cool friend. Or I would drive when I though “I had it.” That’s all different now. I know that you and Raquel would never want anyone else’s family to go through what ya’lls did. So now, I don’t drink a drop if I’m driving. I try my best to make Pancho do the same, but you know how stubborn he is.

Sammy, I know that no one will ever replace you in our lives. I know you’re up there smiling down on us. You were such a sunshine! I miss you everyday and I can’t wait to see you again.

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