Dancing With The Stars

K, so I watched DWTS. I took notes while I watched.

Chad- (Cha Cha) He did awesome! As soon as he started I could see he is a natural! Score: 18

Shanon- (Viennese Waltz) A little shaky but she got better as she went on. Score: 18

Erin- (Cha Cha) Her arms were wierd and she needs to loosen up her shoulders a bit, they were in her ears the whole time! But her hips were amazing! Score: 21

Jake- (Viennese Waltz) I was worried about him because of the pre-dance footage. He had a few missteps, but overall he did ok! Score: 20

Niecy- (Cha Cha) First of all she is HILARIOUS! Jiggly parts, HA! She did really great though! Score: 18

Evan- (Viennese Waltz) As expected he had BEAUTIFUL lines. I thought he did wonderful. Score: 23

Buzz- (Cha Cha) I just thought he was a cute old man. He’s an American Legend and I can’t say anything bad. He did as good as one would think a man of his age would do. Score: 14

Nicole- (Viennese Waltz) Watching the practice footage, I could tell she’ll do amazing. I was right. AH MAH ZING! She doesn’t give herself enough credit! And Len was SO mean! Score: 25

Aiden- (Cha Cha) Honestly I missed most of the dance because of Edyta’s dress. She was practically naked! What I did see from him was not good. Score: 15

How did I know they’d put these two last?

Kate- (Viennese Waltz) WOW. She was pretty bad. She always says she can’t dance but WOW. I think once she loosens up and isn’t so nervous, she’ll do better. She did get a dose of her own berating during judging, too funny! Score: 16

Pamela- (Cha Cha) All I could see is hair and boobs. She did pretty good, but why was he touching her boobs practically the whole time?! Score: 21

Overall I was impressed with the cast. This is one season I’ll watch.

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