Keeping the Faith!

I’m cramping! For once I’m so glad this is happening. I think I’m FINALLY starting AF which means I can FINALLY start my very first IUI cycle! YAY! I hope you’re all praying for me! We are definitely praying our hardest, no matter how many obstacles are put in front of us, we’re gonna do this.

So I met someone. Kinda awesome if you ask me. We’re amazing together… NO it’s not a dude! I made a new friend! 🙂 The past few days have been completely awesome underway. We do nothing but giggle like little girls. LOL. Even though she tells me it’s gross that I want to get pregnant… Yea, she’s had a kid too. HAHA. But seriously she’s pretty awesome, I think I made a friend for life. Other than that this underway has BLOWN. We’re doing a bunch of stuff to prove we’re ready to deploy and getting ready for a big inspection. Totally nuts. Got some fun people we have to deal with too… People who tell me to “find a new dick” or my husband to “find a new vag” because ours are “obviously not working together.” People who tell me how I need more life experience and try to give me lectures on how much wiser they are than me. People who tattle. People who shock each other. People who are just all around douche bags! Ugh. I’m so ready to get home.

God has protected me this underway. I can be sure of that. I have dodged a big bullet already and continue to be blessed everyday. As much as this place has its silly rules and it’s oh so awesome crew, I have been blessed. I have been keeping up with reading my bible everyday, praying everyday and begging for the patience to deal with it all. I am trying to maintain my composure no matter what I’m faced with. I think I’ve only lost my cool with one person one time. I am doing my best to come closer to God and learn about His love everyday. I am reading the book of Job and learning that sometimes, bad stuff happens to good people but, you have to maintain your faith. You have to push through. You can’t let anyone convince you that you are wrong; you can’t let anyone tell you that God is punishing you. If you are doing right and you know you are, it’s not God that’s doing wrong by you. Demons are in our lives all the time and we have to fight them. We can’t let them steal our faith. We have to give the glory to God even when the chips are down. We can’t sin in our anger, we can’t curse God for the bad. Trust that He is watching over you always, never lose your hope.

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. DREA!
    Aug 31, 2010 @ 04:50:49

    Hey woman! you are so strong! that is all. that and i love you! (whhats an AF?)


  2. Jess
    Aug 31, 2010 @ 06:18:31

    So true. I’m keeping my fingers and toes crossed that the IUI works this time. 🙂


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