Three day weekend?! What’s that?

I had about 3 lines of sarcastic and witty things to say… then I deleted it. It’s no laughing matter. We need to raise awareness about a horrible epidemic that is over taking lives. More people suffer from this socially crippling ailment than we’d like to admit and action needs to be taken. Yes, I’m speaking of Saturday workdays. *sigh* Every Saturday, people all over the world are going to work. I don’t mean shift workers either. This unnecessary practice has been going on for ages and something needs to be done about it. So today, hug someone who’s working on the weekend. Weekends are for partying.

Another day, another penny?

Someone figured it out once. When we’re out to sea, we actually get paid something ridiculous like $2 an hour. That’s crazy, right? I have had the WORST morning ever. Of course, that’s nothing new. Everyday on this lovely warship is a wonderful day in paradise… Ok, I’m a dirty rotten liar-face. But seriously, I’d be a much happier person if I had a normal job. At least some place I can get my own food everyday. *Sigh* I’ll get over it. It just really sucks waking up in the morning and all that’s for breakfast is greasy, soggy bacon and hard waffles. I just hope it’s not like this come deployment! Supposedly we’re going to get an audience with the Servo, but I doubt that will do anything. The last time the ship complained about not giving good food, they started serving us like 3 year olds. Ugh. And the LINES! It’s horrible! Waiting 1+ hours to eat crappy food. Bleh.

Enough about the food. More about me! Nothing’s happening. LOL. Ya’ll have a good day now!