So if you haven’t heard yet, I’m preggo! I am so freaking excited! Today marks 10 weeks. I can’t believe this is actually happening.

SO. I’m keeping up with a journal for baby, well, I’m trying to. LOL. I’ve never been good with that diary stuff. But I’m trying. I’m also starting to decide on what I want to do for this or that. Like diapers, cosleeping, furniture, feeding, etc. I thought I had most of this planned out but I’m starting to realize that even 4 years isn’t long enough to get prepared! I spent so much time planning the baby stuff that I forgot that I had to be PREGNANT! LOL! I didn’t think about maternity clothes or birth arrangements or maternity pictures and especially the baby shower! GAH! I think my mom is doing the baby shower. No, I KNOW my mom is doing the baby shower. LOL. The only thing I am sad about is my friends here will be out to sea for the duration of my pregnancy. But, ah well.

I had an ultrasound yesterday. It was the coolest thing ever. My little jelly bean was dancing and waving. So cute! We got a 3d picture too. It was pretty cool to see its little hands and feet. And the umbilical cord looks HUGE! I know it’s just because the baby is teensy but still, it looked like a snake eating the baby!

Do I have symptoms? No, I don’t have many. I get heartburn, but actually better than what I had normally. I get nauseated but I don’t throw up, and I eat preggie pop drops to ease it. No super weird cravings. I did want apples for the first few weeks (4-7) then it was ice cream (8-now) and now it’s Panera’s broccoli cheese soup… I could eat that ALL DAY! I can’t eat fast food, except french fries. Everything else makes me queasy, it’s too greasy.

So now what? Well I have until the 19th on the ship, then back to TPU I go. I’m gonna miss the people here. Obviously, not all the people, but my chain of command was pretty awesome about this whole thing. My divo and my department head were excited for me. I did show up and let them know that I was still trying for a baby and that it wasn’t personal or to get out of deployment. They really understood and accepted it. I had very little resistance with my doctor’s appointments and some of the limitations. I actually was told a week before I found out I was pregnant (only a few days after conception) to not lift heavy things. LOL. I thought that was nice. I have a pretty good division too. They’re all really good et’s. Well, except for a couple. But they definitely know their shit. I think once they settle back into a routine, they’re gonna be awesome.

Well, I’m off for now. I still have a job to do. LOL. Till next time!