UGH! I freaking hate medical!

Ok. So I started care with the birth center. I talked to the military medical midwife and she was fully supportive. Since labs are out of pocket at the bc and free at medical, I’m going to both.

At my first birth center appointment the midwife wants me to do an early glucose test. She calls medical to see if they can do it.

Cue shit storm.

I get a pissy call from the nurses at med asking why I’m going to the birth center. I say for the waterbirth. She starts asking if my supervisors know about it and did I know I’m going to pay out of pocket. No and yes. It isn’t my supervisors business and I’m not an idiot.

I thought it was over, but today the medical midwife calls. She put in a consult for a SOCIAL WORKER because they want to make sure I can handle the financial burden. WTF?! Why is it anyone’s damn business?! She says she can’t order the lab (no big deal) but she’s still supportive of the waterbirth.

Again, thought it was over. Nope! Birth center midwife calls to say that the nurses called HER and asked her about me going to the birth center. They told her she is violating military instructions blah blah bullshit. (It really is bullshit. There is no instruction, I checked.) They also said that if I’m going to be seeing her, they’ll cancel all my appointments.

WHY IS IT ANYONES BUSINESS?! Why are they making this so freaking personal like I pissed on their kids? It’s my baby, my body and if I want to pay out of pocket for MORE care, why does it matter? So stupid!

I’m so angry. This is the second time medical has me in tears because they want to dictate what I do with MY vagina. Really, they wonder why I’m terrified of going to Balboa?! That’s why. I’m nothing more than a freaking manning number and deployable sailor to them. Screw the fact that I want a peaceful unmedicated birth. Screw the fact that I am a PERSON with emotions and opinions.

Countdown to getting the hell out: 886 days.

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