My doogies!

Day two of trying to post everyday. Lol.

Took my poopehs to the groomers today. An awesome guy named James cut their nails. Roxy didn’t give him any problems even though he snipped a little too close on the cuticle on one toe. Bubba on the other hand. Oy vey. He jumped and squirmed and tried to bite. So James put a soft muzzle on him and Bubba retaliated by releasing his anal glands. Damn dog. But their nails are cut now and we’re all happy.

Next stop was going to be the dog park… but damn Roxy is coming into heat again. So one week of bleeding and three of driving Bubba bananas. Poor thing will be locked up for the shark week, but then we’ll switch off who’s locked up. I don’t want her to be punished just because she’s in heat. We’re skipping this cycle for her so she can fully recover from the last litter. But we’ve also decided to only do one more litter. Then we’ll use the money from the pups to get them both fixed.

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