So as most of you know, we decided we’re going to use cloth diapers. I’m slowly trying to replace our regular items with things that are more earth friendly. But that’s another blog. For today I’m gonna share my stash so far. Our original plan was to use Bum Genius 4.0 One Size Pocket Diapers. A cloth diapering friend pointed out that I may not be able to use them the first few weeks depending on the size of my little bugger. So I started stalking the diaper swap board for some used prefolds. I also found some awesome deals on other types of diapers and since I realized I didn’t want to get locked into one type of diaper without trying them all. Then I lost count. (Oops!) My stash now consists of:

-33 prefold diapers (rectangular, thick layer in the middle. AKA burp cloths lol. Uses diaper pins or a special clip called a Snappi to hold it closed. Not waterproof so I still need covers.)
-3 Happy Heini Newborn One size pockets (fits 4-18lbs, looks like a disposable. Fleece liner for deflecting poop and for keeping pee on the absorbant liner which you stuff in the pocket. Has a waterproof liner so no cover needed.)
-3 BumGenius 4.0 OS pockets (just like the happy heinys, only bigger)
-6 Kushies (all in ones. Exactly like a disposable, only you wash them. No extra work needed.)
-1 Homemade Pocket fitted (it’s a newborn sized diaper made by a work at home mom. It has a pocket for an absorbant liner. It isn’t waterproof so we’ll need a cover.)

I have plenty of diapers. Lol. Like I said, I still need snappis and covers so I’m not done buying. But we are going to wait until we know what we’re having so I can get some fun colors and designs based on the sex. We’re going to get a few more pocket diapers for over night and I’m also going to buy a swim diaper or two just for the design, but really a swim diaper does nothing but hold in poop so I can use any of my diapers. I’m so excited!

Now I have to start getting detergent and prepping the diapers. 🙂

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