28 Weeks!!!

OMG. The days are getting smaller and smaller. I can’t believe I’m only 12 weeks away from holding the little miracle! 3 weeks until my baby shower! GAH!

So I had an appointment yesterday and the glucose test today. Both midwives gave me a huge thumbs up and the “Easiest Patient of the Day” award. LOL. I hardly ever have questions and am just excited. So they love me. 🙂 I only have to meet one more midwife at Best Start so that I’ve met them all. They do an on-call rotation so you can have any one of the four at the birth. They’re all pretty awesome so far. Susan has been doing it FOREVER. I believe she has been delivering babies for 30 years. Janna is who I’ve seen the most of and she’s a Yale graduate. She’s very friendly too. And Ashley is so bubbly! I don’t know much about Brooke except she went to UCSF. LOL.

As for the glucose test, well I dunno yet. I hope I passed. I hate waiting on the results. I didn’t have too much sugar yesterday, just a lemonade. But I’m still worried. I just don’t want anything to mess up my chances of a waterbirth. I might cry. Seriously.

So my shower is all set up now. YAY! It’s going to be at the Carbide Park Pavillion on April 10th. I can’t wait! Mostly because I want to see everyone. Some of my friends I miss every time I go home. So now I finally get to see some girls (and guys) that I haven’t been able to see since joining the Navy! YAY! OH and how could I forget, the gender reveal! We have had this damn envelope with the sex written down since January and in only 3 weeks I find out what I’m having! That’s a lot of exclamation points. LOL. Can you tell I’m excited?

OK, so I’m off for now. Woop.

St. Patty’s Day Approaches

Yes, it’s that time of year again. It’s also a few days before the anniversary of the death of a beautiful girl, Samantha. I think about her alot. She was such a funny kid. I really do miss her antics. Which brings me to the point of my post.

Drinking and Driving

Every 50 minutes, one person dies in a drunk driving accident, over 10,000 people. At least once an hour, someone’s mom is taken away. At least once an hour, someone’s little brother is taken away. At least once an hour, someone loses someone they love.
On average, a drunk driver will drive intoxicated 87 times before being arrested. That means someone (on average) makes the conscious decision eighty-seven times to get behind the wheel and put everyone on the road at risk. Eighty-seven times, SOMEONE sees this driver get into his/her car after watching them pound them back but doesn’t have the courage to say something.
Every minute, one person is injured in a alcohol-related accident. Some of those injuries are minor, but some of those aren’t. Some of those change a person’s life forever. Some of those put an all-star football player in the supervision of a 24/7 caregiver. Some of those make the difference between doing things for yourself and having things done for you. Some of those injuries ruin everything.
Car crashes are the leading cause of death among teens. One in three of those is alcohol related. One of those times, it’s not someone else’s kid. One of those times, it’s not someone else’s friend. One of those times, it’s YOUR baby, YOUR friend, YOUR family member.

I honestly don’t know why people can’t just control themselves. I don’t understand why, if you want to have a good time, you can’t just be responsible. You could lose your license, or your life. Does a cab ride cost more than your life? Not mine. I will gladly call a cab in exchange for my legs, my sanity and most importantly, MY LIFE. I would hope your life means enough to you to not drive when you KNOW you can’t. You don’t have it, you aren’t good. Quit being a dumb ass and find another way home.


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Less than 15 weeks?!

OMG, I don’t know why this didn’t hit me yesterday when I posted… I have less than 15 weeks until my due date. I am literally tearing up just thinking about how close to holding my little baby I am. To want something for so long and go through so much to get there, I can’t believe it’s so SOON! If you had told me September 2006 that I wasn’t going to get pregnant for FOUR years, I would have laughed in your face. No way was it going to take that long. Who tries for that long anyway?! Well now I can say, me. I did. I wanted my baby for four freaking years before I finally conceived. It feels so good to know I have so little time left. It’s definitely a surreal feeling. I’m actually going to be a mommy. And Pancho’s going to be a DADDY! Great, now I’m crying again. LOL. I am so flipping happy about it.

At about 10 weeks Pancho found me curled up in bed crying. He came in and asked me what was wrong and I just said nothing through the heaving (yea, that kind of crying.) Obviously I was lying and he knew it so he kept on. Then it poured out like word vomit “I’m fat, my back hurts, my legs hurt, nothing tastes good, I’ve got a headache, a stomachache and diarreah!” He kind of laughed and said there’s nothing to cry about and why didn’t I tell him sooner? “Because I’ve been wanting this for so long and I didn’t want to be the girl who wants so badly to be pregnant and complains the whole time.”  I did mean it though. I had told myself from day one, that when I finally get pregnant, I’m determined to not complain even if it’s the worst pregnancy in the history of [full term] pregnancies. I just didn’t want to look my gift horse in the mouth.

So that’s my blurb for today. LOL. If you ever wonder why I just don’t complain, or why I’m so insanely over the moon about being pregnant,  that’s why. My baby is my miracle, my blessing and already my everything. I can’t complain. I AM just that happy!