28 Weeks!!!

OMG. The days are getting smaller and smaller. I can’t believe I’m only 12 weeks away from holding the little miracle! 3 weeks until my baby shower! GAH!

So I had an appointment yesterday and the glucose test today. Both midwives gave me a huge thumbs up and the “Easiest Patient of the Day” award. LOL. I hardly ever have questions and am just excited. So they love me. 🙂 I only have to meet one more midwife at Best Start so that I’ve met them all. They do an on-call rotation so you can have any one of the four at the birth. They’re all pretty awesome so far. Susan has been doing it FOREVER. I believe she has been delivering babies for 30 years. Janna is who I’ve seen the most of and she’s a Yale graduate. She’s very friendly too. And Ashley is so bubbly! I don’t know much about Brooke except she went to UCSF. LOL.

As for the glucose test, well I dunno yet. I hope I passed. I hate waiting on the results. I didn’t have too much sugar yesterday, just a lemonade. But I’m still worried. I just don’t want anything to mess up my chances of a waterbirth. I might cry. Seriously.

So my shower is all set up now. YAY! It’s going to be at the Carbide Park Pavillion on April 10th. I can’t wait! Mostly because I want to see everyone. Some of my friends I miss every time I go home. So now I finally get to see some girls (and guys) that I haven’t been able to see since joining the Navy! YAY! OH and how could I forget, the gender reveal! We have had this damn envelope with the sex written down since January and in only 3 weeks I find out what I’m having! That’s a lot of exclamation points. LOL. Can you tell I’m excited?

OK, so I’m off for now. Woop.

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