Sorry I don’t post often. Especially now with the new baby, it’s difficult to get on.

Josie is doing great! She’s breastfeeding like a champ but I just started the painful stage. We nursed with a breast shield for a little while to help her out but I got rid of them so it would be one less thing for me to forget. So I’m just going through the beginning feeding pains. I’ll be much happier when we’re past this painful stage. She’s not on any kind of schedule but she does great with her bedtime routine. Most nights, after doing the things we do every night, she will sleep for her longest stretch. She also sleeps at night, she did that on her own.

We’ve decided that the style of parenting we’re doing is called attachment parenting. It’s something we have decided on after a lot of thought and consideration. I’m telling you this as our friends and family because I’d like to have your understanding. We often hear fears of us “spoiling” her. Since we know now that you can not spoil someone who is incapable of manipulation (that comes in a couple months) we know we’re doing what is best. I’d love it if you could look at this link on Dr. Sears website outlining the gist of AP. It has a lot of subsequent articles on the page answering any questions you may have. As you may know, I have a different way of doing things. As always, I ask that you be supportive. We all want what’s best for our children and I believe this is the best way for us and our family. That is not to say I think any other choices are necessarily wrong, but I just don’t want to implement certain practices.

Well, it is 4am and I’m sure my baby girl will be waking up soon. 🙂

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