The Big Decision

While nothing is final, me and Juan have come to a tentative decision on the path I’ll take after the navy. I’m going to start working on 3 (maybe 4) certifications.
1) Bradley Birth instructor- I took this class and without it, I would have begged for the epidural immediately. I would have taken my laboring behind straight to a hospital and begged to get cut open. Not only did the class give me the confidence to go through with a natural birth but I got the endorsement that I was doing the right thing for myself and my baby girl. I want to be that instructor for someone else. I want to empower other women to do what they were designed to do. 🙂
2) IBCLC (lactation consultant)- these professionals are so crucial to successful breastfeeding. I will be able to use my skills to help a mom attain her goals for breastfeeding and feed her baby the all natural way.
3) DONA doula- my doula was actually a last minute volunteer from the birth center. She helped so much in labor and I wish she was there from the start. I can’t wait to be able to support women in the most life changing moment of their lives.
4) CPST (carseat technician)- I hate hate HATE seeing carseats installed incorrectly. I’m hoping that having this certification means at the very least, my friends and family will always have someone to check their seats for them.

So why the assortment of certifications? Well the ultimate goal is an all natural mom and baby store. I’ll be a pregnancy concierge of sorts and will be able to meet almost every need for a new mom. The store will sell everything you need! Cloth diapers (still debating on doing a service as well), wraps/slings, nursing tops, baby food makers, and so much more. I’ll offer classes and workshops and I’ll be available for house calls.

I really feel like this is my calling. This is everything I’ve wanted! I want to teach, that will get fulfilled. I want to own a business, that will get fulfilled. I want to make my own hours, definitely fulfilled. It’s everything I’ve been searching for in a job. I can’t wait!!

Sweet potatoes

Josie’s first thanksgiving!



Well. I tend to change my mind. A lot. Sometimes it all works out and it’s no big deal but others it has the potential for being disastrous. Right now I’m going back and forth on what I want to go to school for. The truth is it isn’t an easy decision. I have three options I’m weighing right now. Each one has it’s pros and cons so I’m going to try to convey all the details.

Electrical Engineering
Pretty self explanatory, I’d use the degree to be an electrical engineer.
Pros: Really good chance of getting a big salary. With my background in the navy I could more than likely be picky about the jobs I take. The schooling I got in the military translates over to quite a few college credits towards this degree. We would definitely be okay for money.
Cons: I’m probably looking at a big commitment to working hours. My goal when deciding to get out of the military is to spend more time with my family. I don’t think my pay could justify the time I’d spend away. Also, I’m just not that great at working with electronics. I’ve never been able to retain anything I’ve learned and it leaves me feeling like an idiot. I don’t think that’s just going to change. I just don’t see me loving this career and feeling like I’m doing what I love.

I’d use the degree and teaching credentials to be a music teacher.
Pros: I can definitely see me loving this career path. I absolutely love music and I love to teach. Bonus: summers off!
Cons: the salary. I know teachers aren’t broke. But they’re still not paid as much as they’re worth and it’s a damn shame. I want to make sure that no matter what I can take care of us. Just in case things don’t always go the way they should with Juan’s job opportunities.

Business Management
I’d use the degree to open my own business centered around pregnancy and babies.
Pros: The current plan is for me to teach the Bradley method while I’m in school anyway. I am so passionate about natural childbirth and I talk to anyone who will listen about the benefits. I figured it would be a great way to get paid to do this. The business would more than likely be a store that sells natural parenting stuff. Cloth diapers, breast feeding supplies, homebirth supplies etc. I’d offer classes and workshops too. I think that it could really be a success if I play my cards right. I could be doing something I love and possibly be a big success! On top of that I’d be able to make my own hours and that means time for family.
Cons: it’s really risky. The chance of it flopping is high but the chance for it to be a huge hit is high too! I know he potential for income but it’s just potential. I do know there is only a few cloth diaper stores in the Houston area but I don’t know if it’s because no one has tried or if it’s because they all failed.

So you see my dilemma. Take a risk to do something that would make me so happy? Or take the safe routes and choose money or happiness? It’s such a difficult decision.

Now I’d like you to weigh in. What would you do in my situation?