2012 Review

January I started off the year with a bang… When I hit the floor at Target from a seizure. I gave my family, especially my husband, a nice big scare.
February My beautiful niece was born! I was there within a day or so and got to be the first in our family to hold her! My awesome sister in law did amazingly!
March I went to Vegas! Twice! Once with family before my brother deployed and a second time for The Bradley Method® teacher training! It was the first step to my new life!
April My little brother deployed to Afghanistan. 😦
May Started the process for leaving the Navy! My first real Mother’s Day! Josie and hubby took me for sushi!
June Drove off the 32nd street base for the last time. I had an amazing run with the navy. I’ll miss everyone I’ve made friends with. My baby girl turned 1! The best year of my life by far!
July Josie’s birthday party was this month in TC. Also found out I am pregnant! Eep! I started school as well, just one more step toward owning my business.
August Very uneventful month for sure. Did find my amazing home birth midwife!
September Moved out of the in laws house. Big relief for me. 😛
October My baby’s first real Halloween. She was a kitty cat and I was a rounded roman princess. Also found out Julian is a BOY! I’ve got my matching set! Haha!
November Our biggest secret yet has been started. Eep! More news to come! Josie, aka little piggy, loved GPa’s fried turkey!
December Another great year is coming to an end. Some great times with friends and family. 🙂

That’s it. Big changes coming for our little family. Stay tuned for more!