Well then. Here goes.

I posted something similar to this when I found out I was pregnant with Josie. So, while I wait on Julian’s arrival (any day now!) I wanted to reiterate: you can keep your unsolicited advice and comments on my parenting to yourself. Period end of story.

I am the mom here. If you have kids, you’ve had your turn. I don’t need you to butt in on my choices for my children. If I ask, sure, feel free to be helpful. If I don’t, then I didn’t ask. I will raise my kids how I see fit. If that means I want to dress Julian in a tutu and make Josie play softball, that is MY and MY HUSBAND’s choice. NOT yours. If you don’t like it, take to Facebook and rant about the crazy bitch who lets her son dress in drag but keep your mouth shut to my face. Because I don’t care! He’s not yours. He’s mine. Juan and I made him, I (hopefully soon will have) pushed him out, WE get to make decisions. Your input is unnecessary and unwanted. I put a lot of thought and research into the choices we make. It’s more than likely not a decision I took lightly if you have an opinion. I will not be changing my mind for you.¬†Breastfeeding (in public uncovered, no less), introducing solids, where he sleeps, what goes on his butt, and which way his carseat faces:¬†none of these things are your concern. If you would like to know more about why I chose to do such things, by all means ask. But do not think that is giving you an invitation to change my mind.

Another thing. I’m not afraid to hurt your feelings when it comes to my children. You WILL respect my choices and my wishes for my children. If you can not do that, you won’t be left alone with my children. You WILL be healthy and free from sickness in my home around my newborn. If you are not, you will not be in my home. DO NOT LIE ABOUT THIS. I find out you’re lieing, even about the sniffles, I can not promise the end result will be something to laugh off. You WILL NOT put my newborn in danger just so you can get a glimpse of his squishy face. I do not have a problem asking you to leave.

So now that my mama bear has had her workout for today, I’m hoping no one makes me bring her out. I love my family and my friends, but my children are FIRST. I will never put ANYONE’s feelings or considerations above their needs. Sorry. If you love me, you’ll respect me. I expect MORE from my blood relatives than I would a friend. If a friend disrespected me, they would not be a friend. You sharing lineage with me or my husband does not give you a free pass.