LOL, did you expect me to keep up?

Of course not. You know me. I don’t keep up. I forget to. Then I forget the password. Then… ooo shiny!

My baby boy is 1. I’ll post his birth story here later since I posted it on Facebook already. Josie is so much fun and is just plain amazing, Julian is a destructo-monster lol. Juan and I are great, better than you! 😛 I’m in school still, switched my major again… I’m enjoying photography to the fullest, though. I started a photo business and hope to see it bloom. I’m starting a blog for that too to update my clients and have somewhere to post all the goodness that comes of it. Juan is working at the jail and finally on a schedule I can deal with! I’m also working at a great restaurant called Number 13. Um… what else? Hmm… nothing! I should get to cleaning.

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