Chicken Bones


Okay, so we all know you’re never supposed to give a dog chicken bones. This is common knowledge and no one in their right mind would ever do it… WELL, I guess I should have also remembered that my dog can jump the baby gates and will climb on whatever is near so he can get what he wants. In this case, chicken.

Tab spent the night last night (and tonight) after she and I went out together. We took a cab to a karaoke bar and had some fun. Well anyway, tonight, Juan went to work and she and I were stuck with nothing to do. Still a bit hungover we agreed to go to Blockbuster. We were almost there when I realized I didn’t put Bubba in his cage. He was in the game room, but he gets into the trash if he’s left out. I figured, meh, I can clean up the trash…

I get home and he’s in the game room, oh well maybe he was good…. WRONG! I turn the corner and there is my precious little puppy with a chicken breast bigger than her face in her mouth. I took it and stuck her back in the game room. I took a look around and ALL the chicken was gone. That damn dog ate 4 pieces of chicken. So I checked the internet and am watching them closely. Checking poop is going to be fun. UGH. I made them some chicken flavored rice to eat instead of their food, I read that it helps the bones pass. But this is going to drive me crazy. I hate thinking that something could go bad.

Bubba has eaten bones before. We’ve never had a problem. No, we have never given them to him, but like I said he gets in the trash. The fact that he ate at least 4 pieces (I really don’t think Roxy ate any) has me a little on edge. Damn dog.

Well I’m off to bed. Juan’s playing video games again, and I don’t think he’s going to stop… Night!