So like I said it’s been super hard to keep up since I don’t have my lap top anymore. We might buy a new one, but I’m thinking about waiting to get a 2nd generation iPad…
Anyways, my weeks have been uneventful. Me and Juan have been doing our best to make sure we don’t miss ovulation if you know what I mean.
I’ve totally gone back into crazy person TTC mode. Poor guy doesn’t know what to do! But my OPK’s are definitely positive today so I should ovulate in the next few days. It’s just so late in my cycle, I hope I have a normal luteal phase so that I’m able to support a pregnancy! Tomorrow I switch to prenatals and I’ll be getting some baby aspirin to take as well. I hope it doesn’t take as long to get pregnant again!
I have started attending church again. Last week I went alone, but this week I’ll be going with Juan. He’s never gone to a non-denominational church before, I just hope he doesn’t get too scared! 🙂